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These are items that you would want to bring to a large group gathering

Italian-Style Summer Pasta With Yellow Squash, Olives and Tomatoes

This Italian-Style Summer Pasta with Yellow Squash, Olives and Tomatoes is a quintessential addition to your warm weather line up.  Best served at room temperature or just slightly warmed makes it a low maintenance, refreshing delight. The inspiration for this pasta is from my first cookbook, Rachael Ray’s 365, published […]

Full View of World's Best Cheesecake with World's Best GF Crust

World’s Best Cheesecake on World’s Best GF Crust

If you know good cheesecake, you know. And if you know, you will absolutely LOVE this World’s Best Cheesecake on World’s Best GF Crust. This cheesecake has it all: fudgy, rich and indulgent filling on top of the perfect crispy, buttery crust. Once you get your first bite, you will […]

Olive Oil Orange Cake GF Gluten FreeGold Platter Slice

GF Scrumptious Olive Oil Orange Cake

This GF Scrumptious Olive Oil Orange Cake is beyond delicious. It’s so irresistible, that my family calls it the “Sundial Cake.” Piece by piece this cake seemling “vanishes” with the tracking of the sun until it’s no longer visible. Is This a Dessert Cake? Yes….no….maybe? Let me elaborate. In my […]

Bowl of Might and Healthy Fresco Elotes Salad as a Side to Steak Carnitas. Presented on a cutting board as a whole meal.

Mighty & Healthy Fresco Elote Salad

This mighty & healthy fresco elote salad is a wonderful, refreshing, and vibrant side for your summer dinner plate.  It packs all of the flavor punch without the need for a post meal nap! A Rose By Any Other Name… You may have heard this dish called Mexican Street Corn […]