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We here at Cakes and Coriander are a sister-brother team, Hillary and Stevens respectively. One could say we’re a little obsessed with great food, but it isn’t our fault! It runs in our genes. Both of our parents grew up in food-loving families, extending through multiple generations and cultures. This culminated in our parents being ‘The Foodie Couple’ of the Boomer Generation (only a semi-official title, but you get the point right?) This beautiful matrimony created hyper-foodie loving children – yep, us! Growing up, there was always a beautiful meal at our table with ample guests to share in the bounty. We were put to work in the kitchen at a young age and learned that *everyone* is capable of creating delicious and alluring meals, especially with the right tutelage.

Building upon that life recipe, we’ve melded our own experiences of travel, food, family, and friends to our own cooking styles. We want to share with you our art of cooking, through amazing recipes with tips and tricks to make easy, (occasionally) efficient, delectable, and shareable food. While we don’t necessarily tout our blog as fully gluten free, most if not all recipes are free of gluten or can easily be converted. Read below to learn more about each of us.


Stevens married a gluten-free Brazilian goddess and has two wonderful children. He is a fine-detailed chef, homemaking everything from baked bone-marrow, to fresh sour-dough (GF) bread, to the best herb-crusted steak your tongue has touched. He cooks exclusively gluten free for his household, but his recipes are so world-class, you wouldn’t even know it. 


Hillary is the wife of Graham and a mom of 4 beautiful children. She loves to serve family-style comfort food. She also has quite the sweet tooth, so she is always finding and tweaking the best treats out there. There is a bonus for any meal/recipe that can be thrown together in 30 minutes or prepped ahead because her children are all under the age of 5! 

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